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Great app!

Great app to organize my books keeping all the info and even the cover picture in the iPhone! Like having a virtual library! Would be great to sort by author too.

Cannot add some books

Some of my books keep disappearing from my collections after repeatadly adding them. Same thing happens to some attributes (like publisher ir author) of other books. Have not heard from support yet.

Nice app

I like the app. Its very easy to use, balk scan is really great but I gave only 4 stars just because the list of countries doesnt contain all countries (although you can type in missing one) and the language list is very short and it doesnt allow you to type in missing language. If those two things would be included I would give it 5star.

Nice app but...

Its very nice app but it doesnt have a list of all languages or a possibility to enter the missing language. Therefore, only 4 stars.

Only great if you buy pro

Great App, but only for pro users. Its nice but you are kind of forced to buy pro ...

Best in Class

I have had several Apps to do this function. This is the best I have found so far! Great job!

Mobile library.

Camera capture is great. Database is excellent so far. 100 books scanned and only 2 werent found. Need to include author as a sort option. Also, a way to more easily mark books Ive read. Keep up the good work.

Real cool!!!

Easy to use and fun to peruse!

Its Grrrreat!

Great App to organize your ebooks with! Im looking forward to continued improvements to this program! Many thanks!

Great catalogue

Love it. Great app and easy to use. Of course have couple of suggestions... Allow a sort by Author as well as title (fairly basic request given that is how public libraries stock their shelves). Also would like to be able to rescan for a synopsis when the wrong pne downloads as is the case when a title is shared by more than one author.

Inventory easy

Its simple, easy to use and fast and I love it! Its great for insurance or to check at the book store which books you have already.

Best one yet!

I was so frustrated with how sss...llll....oooo....wwww with a similar app I was previously using- so I was thrilled when I found this one. One suggestion, to be able to categorize books by author. Thats how libraries, bookstores and my own personal book shelves are displayed. Hopefully in the next upgrade this will be a new feature.

Good; With Some Catches

Its a great app, in theory, but it crashes often and some aspects dont work. Such as trying to save a photo of the cover of a book. You always have to go back and edit the book to take a new photo because it doesnt save the first time.

Database is lacking

Im a fan of sort it apps, but this one needs to seriously be looked at. A majority of the books I tried to scan or manually enter by ISBN didnt come up because they werent found. Id they could expand that, this would be a fantastic way of keeping track of your books like their other apps. As it stand right now though, not impressed.

Not that great!

App is slow and ISBN entered manually or camera are not found. Might be a good app if these bugs are fixed. Trying to sort books the way I would like them is not possible.

Love it!

This is a great app. I really like the look of it.

Good, but could use improvement

Good barcode scanner, attractive interface. Really needs more customization options, though - a books page has a huge number of data fields, most of which the average user wouldnt care about. Its good that theyre available, but the user should be able to select which ones they see and in which order. Also, having the Personal information at the very bottom instead of just under the basic Title - Author - Publisher is an odd choice. Most people are more concerned with the collections their book is in and the star rating theyve given it than the name of the editor. (And even within Personal Information, why is the price info at the top?) Finally, the collections feature needs to be revamped. They stay in the order theyre created in (instead of alphabetizing), cannot be renamed, and are inconvenient to access for viewing - you can to navigate several levels of the filtering tree to view one, and then go back and do it all over again to switch to another. There should be a straightforward "collections" tab that allows to quickly view, edit, and add new empty ones. Also it would be nice to set the sort method for each collection independently - for some listed I might sort by Author, others Title, Rating, or Pagecount.


Does exactly what I want to inventory my home library

Best way to keep track of your books

Wish I had downloaded this sooner. My library is now within easy reach when Im out shopping - no more guessing if I already have a particular book or not!

Decent App, but slows to a crawl after 5 scans

Works well, but is expensive and way too slow after youve scanned 5 items.

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